Jimmy Jib Triangle
T-Jib Head w clouds

Lightweight Modular Jimmy Jib Triangle - T-Jib for Film, Video or High Definition Cameras

Panaflex, Zoom Lens, 500' Mag on Chicago Jimmy Jib Remote Head

Our T-Jib is perfect for Live Music and Music Videos, Sporting Events, Documentary, difficult to access Location Crane work, Studio Production, Parades, even Features, Episodics, Sit-coms, Commercials and Industrial films.

Complete with its own Remote Head, the T-Jib can be constructed in many lengths from 6 foot reach all the way to 40 foot reach. Jib Sizes

Strong enough to support a 35mm Panaflex with a 10-1 zoom and a 500 magazine, yet lightweight enough to build on a rooftop, the T-Jib can be a lower budget alternative to our other crane and remote head combinations.

Chicago T-Jib Garden
Chicago Jimmy Jib Controls at back of arm

The T-Jib can be configured to be operated by a single person * who controls Arm Boom & Swing, Camera Pan & Tilt, and Zoom, Focus and Iris on the lens. This setup allows for unrehearsed movements without the synchronization issues that would occur when using a separate camera and arm operator, and can save the production in labor and rental costs as compared to other systems.

* Some longer arm configurations or weather    conditions will require a 2-person setup.

Chicago Jimmy Jib Triangle Crank Wheels
Chicago Jimmy Jib Triangle Joystick Control Desk

If you are shooting film style, we also offer a familiar 3-person setup with a separate Arm Operator, Focus Puller and a Camera Operator who uses a film-style  crank wheels interface. We include a wired follow focus with the Film-Style Production Kit or can provide a stand-alone wireless Lens Control for your focus puller. Please reserve a focus system in advance, as these systems are available independently of our cranes.


Also available is a joystick interface laid out like a video-style remote head control desk. This system allows the Camera Operator to control Pan, Tilt, Zoom and Focus while the arm is operated by another technician.

We can provide as many additional technicians or operators as you require, or our technician(s) can work with your existing crew members.

Chicago Jimmy Jib Trailer

The entire system fits in a small trailer and is transported to your set by our technician(s), who then will custom build it to fit your needs, operate the system for your shoot, and wrap out the equipment at the end of the day.

Available in sizes from 6 to 40 feet, the T-Jib can fit in almost any location, and will add production value to any shoot. It can support up to 50 lbs of camera with an arm length up to 30 feet, and 25 lbs of camera at 40 feet. As the arm increases in length, the perceived arc (evident in all fixed length arms) is reduced, so even if you dont need the lens height a longer arm will provide, the increased arm reach will make every shot look more fluid and will allow for a longer move. If you have the room, use the longest arm you can! Our technicians will consult with you to as to the best use of the equipment as your shoot progresses, and all of the parts are included with the system, so you can shoot with a short arm in the morning and a longer setup in the afternoon. A jib technician can assist the Operator in making changes in the system on the day

Chicago 40 foot Jimmy Jib on 4-wheel base
Chicago 24 foot Jimmy Jib at Lincoln Museum

For any shoots that require a lightweight, portable arm, the T-Jib is perfect for any production medium; Film, Video or High Def.



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